2-11-12 Snow

Because mid-Michigan has had a winter with such small amounts of snow (and quickly disappearing when it comes), I had to go out and take the Fozzie out and drive through the Winter Wonderland last Saturday.  This video is a small token of proof that it has snowed this winter in Michigan, though most of the winter has been spent looking at grass and mud, not drifts of snow like winters past.  There was enough snow on this evening, though, to drift over country roads, ice over Mason’s city streets, and cover streets in the Capital City.  It’s hard to not go out and have fun when you have AWD!



I know the snow is out there globally, just mainly in Eurasia as described HERE on WOODTV’s blog (thanks to Charlesimages for posting this!).  I’ll just have to hope we get at least a couple more good snows before the winter gives way to a potentially active spring!