Professional Learning Plan

In choosing to take CEP 811 and 812, I hoped to expand my knowledge of educational technology so that I could better use technology in my classroom. Teaching in a court based school, any tool that I can add to help students have more options is a good one. Though each teacher only has two computers in each classroom, and one fifteen computer lab that is in use by computer classes for a few hours of the day, there are many opportunities to integrate technology in the classrooms. I have worked with my principal to look into a Computer On Wheels lab (or a COW), and it looks like we will have one with between ten and twelve computers available next school year. Because of this, and my experience, I want to make sure that I am a leader in my school, if not my district, in bringing technology into the classroom as a way to solve problems in unique learning environments. I hope to do this by:

An audio-cast of this plan is HERE in mp3 format.  Below is my Professional Learning Plan outline:

  • Continue taking classes in education and educational technology
    • Keep on the forefront of each field
    • Integrate new technology as it becomes available
  • Look into getting my educational technology certificate and possibly masters degree.
    • Get the tools I need to get on top of the technology available
  • Keep connected with resources that will keep be up to speed like MACULspace
    • posting
    • joining groups
    • attending MACUL conferences?
    • Connect with other educators through Facebook, my blog, and other outlets
  • Integrating use of technology in all of my classes
    • Search for relevant technology in each class that I teach
    • Use technology to present information how students desire learning
    • Continue implementation of Moodle into all of my classes
      • Expand upon Wicked Problem Project use of Moodle in physical science class
      • Use Moodle to present lessons and to gain quick assessment of student achievement
      • Use Moodle to integrate other technologies into each class
  • Championing use of technology throughout my school, alternative education, and my district
    • Encouraging other teachers to integrate technology in their classrooms
    • Teaching other teachers what I have learned, and learn what they know or are learning
    • Head professional learning experiences that expand colleagues set of tools
      • Have teachers leave PD with new tools, not just a new goal
  • Work with my Principal and district to make sure we have relevant technology available
    • Ask how I can help in acquiring technology
    • Learn more about grant writing and opportunities
      • In science (such as NASA space grant) and at risk youth
  • Keep relevant
    • Monitor educational research on Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge
    • Poll for student interest and success of technological integrations
    • Change strategies based on assessment data in and outside the classroom

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