WPP Part B – Application of TPACK

As I look at my Wicked Problem Project, using video lessons in Moodle to help guide students through materials that textbooks just don’t do well on, I see good agreement with TPACK for my situation. TPACK looks at how Technology, Pedagogy, and Content blend together in a lesson, and mostly because of the design of Moodle, this is all present. Adding interactivity and quicker feedback to students utilizing these lessons should expand the learning experience for my classrooms filled with individual learners and students with spotty attendance.

First off, Moodle is a platform that will allow students to quickly jump into a lesson covering the content they are in, gain guidance through the subject material, and are quizzed at the end of the video so students and I can both evaluate how well the information was learned. After a text lead in to what will be covered, the video will appeal to the audio visual learning side of the students, and will also be summed up in text after the video. The question or questions used for followup are also easily integrated into the Moodle lesson by design. Because the lessons are computer based, they are also accessible on dates after the lesson has been completed by the class.

Because Moodle lessons use text, visuals, and audio, sometimes all at the same time, it holds pedagogical advantages over textbook and lecture based learning. These lessons will appeal to more of the learning styles of each student, and interactive questions after the information has been presented give students instant feedback with explanations of correct answers, and support for wrong answers. This allows students to not only get the questions answered correctly, but know why!

Finally, this all ties into the content that will be covered in the Moodle lessons. By targeting introductory topics in a unit or topics that are difficult to nearly impossible to portray with a textbook, these lessons will allow more content to be covered than the same time put into reading a textbook and answering prepared questions. The feedback on the questions also helps guide content to the student because of the context that feedback to the questions can give. Another exciting content boost with using Moodle lessons is that particular standards can be the forethought of the lesson, allowing the Moodle lesson to more fully cover a standard than any lesson that is created first, and applied to the standard later!

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