Group Leadership Project: Part A – Brainstorm

As our group gathered to iron out the details of what project we should teach to our colleagues, we used Adobe ConnectNow to meet and discuss. This allowed us to web-cam chat, share our screens, and take notes during our conference. Scott and I met to iron out exactly what we would do our project on, and we decided to tackle building a Modle Lesson with a video integration and a question with feedback. Our full video can be found HERE. In this discussion, Scott and I decided it would be good to split up the project into three sections, of which each group member would complete a slide-cast on using screencast-o-matic or jing. Both of these services output windows media player compatible videos, which we can then add together and create our final product. The three sections we will cover in our lesson on Moodle will be as follows:

1) Creating a lesson – lesson page setup.
2) Entering text and videos into the Moodle lesson page.
3) Setting up questions with answers and feedback.

We met later when Becky was available and again used Adobe ConnectNow and screencast-o-matic.  The second full video can be found HERE.  Becky was having some issues with her microphone, but we were able to continue with her using the chat box with Scott and I talking.  We decided that the three step video would be a good idea.  I showed Becky the Moodle lesson that I have created and the piece of the lesson that would be most easily integrated into a 10 minute lesson.  The question page setup should take that long, and not have any lack of detail in the parts.  Becky will be handling the creation of a lesson and initial setup page, Scott will be covering how to enter text and video into a lesson, and I will be covering how to add questions with feedback into the lesson.  It seems that both Becky and Scott have more Moodle experience than I have, so I am eager to learn!

All of this will require a dummy account of Moodle so that we can create this lesson, and so we decided to all check into getting a practice classroom setup so that we can all have access to it as we create our lesson on a screen-cast.  We were able to put down these roles and put a fail safe meeting time of Tuesday on the Shared Notes in the meeting.  Whoever gets our classroom created first will let the others know, and we will be using our Google doc with the group 5 forum to keep in contact throughout the next week so that we can get our storyboard and script for this presentation done.  Hopefully by Tuesday we will be well on our way to getting this project scripted!

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