Group Leadership Project: Part B – Storyboard and Script

Scott, Becky, and myself (Group 5) have been working together to get our presentation on creating a lesson in Moodle created. We tried to get a meeting going on adobe connect, but we couldn’t get Becky into the room. Scott recorded a little of our brainstorming HERE, but funny as it may sound, when we gave up on AdobeConnect and fired up Skype, our audio got better! I wish Skype had screen share in a conference call, but that is something I’ll look into in the future, because one on one, you can share your screen. I got around this when we were in our conference call in Skype by pointing my webcam at the screen.

We decided to put our thoughts together on a Google Presentation, of which I was a bit skeptical at first, but it worked out beautifully.  I picked up the first section, creating the Moodle Lesson, Scott is doing the embedding and adding text to the question page, and Becky is covering the questions and feedback portion of this.  We will be all individually screencasting our sections, and will then splice them together most likely with Windows Movie Maker.  I am looking forward to the finished product, and I have learned more about Skype, Google, and Moodle in the process thus far!  A PDF of our Storyboard and Script from our Google Presentation is HERE.  It is awesome that three people can create something like this without ever leaving their respective computers!

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